SYL Global Consulting

SYL Global Consulting enables individuals, families and businesses to achieve global independence by advising in immigration, relocation, real estate and business across the globe. This is achieved through a tailored service experience that simplifies complexity and is supported by long-term relationships.


We, as a global consulting firm, are specialized in programs for immigration, relocation, real estate and business, SYL Global Consulting plays a critical role in enabling individuals and businesses to achieve their goals efficiently, effectively and responsibly.


As an industry expert, SYL Global Consulting acts globally, bringing wealthy families, global leaders and expanding businesses a new perspective with individual solution finding to any industry-specific ideal.

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Our Mission

Developing successful relationships with private and business clients, supporting their growth and taking final goals to a new global level with our consulting expertise.

SYL Global Consulting continuously develops program content and extends content to a new level of service consulting. We serve our clients with individual dedication to ensure cost effective and performance oriented global ideals.

Our Vision

Global unlimited immigration opportunities and fulfillment to any desired location of individuals, families and businesses.


SYL Global Consulting stands for global development and start-up solutions. We want to make it possible for everyone to realize their individual ideas.  

Our Story

SYL Global Consulting began 20 years ago with its first successes in the field of immigration. The satisfaction of our clients and their diverse desires with the pursuit of a higher quality of life, good school education and global freedom led to further expansion and consulting services in a wide range of countries.


The one-sided focus with the goal to accompany the clients in the immigration matters and to always guarantee individual requests, never ceased and is sharper than ever before. We have expanded our portfolio and consulting services to include global immigration programs, providing our clients with years of consulting experience in all aspects of immigration matters.

Our Success

Over the years, SYL Global Consulting has achieved immense success in immigration support. The consulting spectrum ranges from immigration, studies abroad, professional career search abroad and foreign investment programs. This expansion and successful implementation of the diverse programs has brought us global success.


We achieved our first successes with our programs in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA. In addition, we entered the European market in the 2000s with new success concepts, especially in Germany, Northern Europe, Southern Europe and Eastern Europe. Subsequently, we began with great success with our extremely attractive programs in Southeast Asia.

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