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  • Visa and Immigration consultation

  • Visa pre-screening and advice

  • Visa application support, tracking and renewal

  • Expert support with applications for dependent family members

  • Visa cancellation services

Investment Immigration - Residency & Citizenship by SYL Global Consulting

SYL Global Consulting is a specialist in immigration and visa affairs. With global experts and local network we prepare new stages of life with our specified Immigration Program.


We advise our clients at every stage of the process and present ideal solutions. Important points will be analyzed and possibilities for implementation will be discussed.




  • Visa & Immigration

  • Orientation

  • Home search

  • Settling-in

  • Parental support

  • Departure and termination

Visa Service by SYL Global Consulting

SYL Global Consulting is a specialist in relocation with a local network. The team of relocation experts advises our clients in all matters relating to the search for accommodation, family support, school search and all related application matters.

The consulting spectrum includes a complete package for reorientation and successful integration in the target country. Years of cooperation with local estate agents and assessments of the residential areas have enabled us to provide our clients with a precise recommendation of the choice of location.



Real Estate

  • Property search and assessment

  • Extract from the land register

  • Agreement with seller

  • Financing

  • Contract of sale

  • Notarization

  • Payment

  • Land register transfer

Real Estate Investment Immigration - Residency & Citizenship

SYL Global Consulting offers numerous real estate investment opportunities. We are specialized in high-quality real estate with perspective. Our experts will advise you with regard to the location and value appreciation potential of real estate. Our clients do not only buy but also invest in the future.


We advise our clients on investment strategies and financing offers as a complete package for properties, condominiums and house purchase options.



Business / Jobs

  • Profile analysis

  • Application documentation

  • Labor market analysis

  • Location recommendation

  • Interview preparation

  • Local behavior consultation

  • Advice on the legal form

  • Business registration

  • Notarization

  • HR support

  • Accounting

Business & Employment Investment Immigration - Residency & Citizenship

SYL Global Consulting advises clients on start-up and job search inquiries. Our team of experts supports you in the entire process from analysis and evaluation to the final conclusion of the contract. When setting up a company, we advise our clients on all issues from legal authorities and financial aspects to market research.

Our client base consists of highly skilled workers and entrepreneurs. Our job search program is designed to meet the needs of our clients and is personally supported by the job search consultant.